Our Pupils

We have fantastic children at St. Margaret Mary's School who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school. As such they are voted into the various roles below.

Liturgy Leaders

Our Liturgy Leaders.

Two Liturgy Leaders are chosen from each year group to aid the RE Coordinator in planning and delivering key stage and whole school prayer services. Liturgy Leaders help to choose the appropriate readings and songs and decide how classes can respond after services.

The Liturgy Leaders do an excellent job in ensuring that prayer remains a focus in St. Margaret Mary's and they help by spreading the Gospel Values for each half term.

The Liturgy Leaders will also help their own classes by leading in daily prayers and teaching others what they have learnt.

School Council

School Council members.

Two children from each year group are selected to represent their classes in the school council. The children meet with the Headteacher once every half term to discuss the ideas their classes have for school improvement. Once discussed, the ideas are presented at Whole School Assemblies in order to gain a wider opinion. Successful ideas are then refined and implemented by the School Council.

In 2017/18 the school council are implementing a road safety scheme. The children will be focusing on safe areas to park and encouraging more children to walk to school.

Here are a few quotes from the School Council about our school:

  • "We are a friendly school and we welcome everyone" - Mimi
  • "I love learning at St. Margaret Mary’s. The Teacher’s make the lessons exciting" - Kobi
  • "Everyone here is so welcoming. We are a family" - James
  • "I love coming to school." - Victoria

House Captains

Our House Captains.

In St. Margaret Mary's we have four houses named after the four patron saints of Britain: St. George, St. David, St. Andrew and St. Patrick.

At the start of each year, the houses meet to elect two house captains from Year 6. House Captains present their reasons to be elected and then are voted in by house members.

House Captains are friendly faces around school for younger and new children and are always on hand to help.

Each half term, the houses meet again for house assemblies which are planned and presented by the House Captains themselves.