Snippets of News

Year 2's Roman Workshop at the Birmingham Museum

Roman fun at the Birmingham Museum..

28 June 2017

Year 2 had lots of fun in a Roman Army workshop at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

We had a fantastic day becoming Roman Soldiers. We were all given Roman names and were taught how to march and what to wear. We learnt about the punishments given out by the Centurions and made battle formations with our shields.

Everyone had lots of fun taking part in a victory parade to celebrate our battle win.

It was a fantastic day linked with the Colosseum from our Seven Wonders Topic.

Year 1 Visit Birmingham Nature Centre

Year 1 seeing the animals at the Nature Centre.

26 June 2017

Year 1 visited the Birmingham nature centre.

We had a wonderful day exploring the various animals that live at the nature centre, the food they like to eat and what habitats they live in.

The children were able to use the information they had been gathering recently to answer questions about animals their diets, structures and habitats.

The children really enjoyed learning about foxes, badgers, owls, insects and exploring the woodland areas to find minbeasts. It was a great day linking our current topic ‘habitats’ to real life animals and habitats.

Year 3 at Packwood House

Year 3 looking for sundials at Packwood House.

26 June 2017

Year 3 visited Packwood House and Gardens in Solihull.

We had a guided tour around the different gardens including the Kitchen Garden, Sunken Garden and the Yew Tree Garden. We spotted all the sundials located around the gardens.

After lunch we explored the gardens for ourselves!

Year 3 Retreat Day at Alton Castle

Year 3 enjoying team activities.

15 June 2017

Year 3 enjoyed a retreat day post First Holy Communion.

The theme of the day was team work. Activities were completed in groups which promoted good teamwork; including a chain letters game and a linking the pipes together activity to allow the ball to roll down freely.

After lunch, a treasure hunt around the castle grounds to find symbols associated with First Holy Communion, was a highlight of the day.

A time for reflection and prayer all together was shared as one family to end our lovely visit.

Year 4's trip to Aston Hall

Year 4 dressing up at Aston Hall.

14 June 2017

Year 4 had a great time visiting Aston Hall as part of their Grand Designs topic.

They admired the in depth architectural detail on the walls and ceilings in the Great Hall, and found many portraits of the people that used to live there.

They found out a lot of information about what Aston Hall would have been like to live in during the 17th century, with some of them dressing up as the Holte family and their cooks. They walked in the steps of King Charles I as they went up the staircase to discover the bedrooms and the Gallery, where they learned a traditional dance from the 17th century.

Many great questions were asked and lots of fun was had by all.

Nursery's Teddy Bears' Picnic

Families enjoying the picnic.

25 May 2017

Nursery finished our topic of bears by celebrating with our families with a Teddy Bears picnic.

We made sandwiches, decorated cakes and chopped fruit and vegetables to prepare for the picnic. We sang songs for our families and read a bear story together.

Year 4 trip to Kenilworth Castle

Year 4 at Kenilworth Castle.

18 May 2017

Year 4 had a fantastic day exploring the ruins at Kenilworth Castle.

We learned all about it's defences for battle and we couldn't believe the moat that previously surrounded the castle was the size of 27 football pitches! We found where fireplaces, staircases and toilets used to be, as well as learning about Queen Elizabeth I and her gardens. We recreated a monarch ceremony in the Great Hall and enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine.

A brilliant day enjoyed by all.

Year 3 Learn about Road Safety

Year 3's workshop on road safety.

16 May 2017

Year 3 had our PCSO visit about Road Safety.

We completed a Road Safety Quiz in class and then went out onto Perry Common Road to use a laser to read the speed of passing vehicles.

The highest speed we recorded was 38mph.

Stranger Danger

Learning about stranger danger.

15 May 2017

Reception had a visit from PSCO Duncan and we were talking about stranger danger.

We spoke about staying safe and not talking to or going off with anyone we don't know.

We discussed what a stranger looks like and why it's important to tell an adult we know and trust if we are worried or unsure about someone.

Year 1 Class Assembly

Year 1's Assembly.

12 May 2017

Year 1 welcomed parents in to see their class assembly. We shared work, songs, dances and role plays that we have created in year one.

Everyone did a wonderful job. Our teachers and parents were very proud to see all of our hard work and the wonderful topics we have covered this year.

Reception trip to Kingsbury Water Park

Searching for the bear on our hunt.

11 May 2017

To enrich our topic of 'Into the woods' we took a visit to Kingsbury Water Park.

Here we got to explore different parts of the woodland and explore nature first hand through mini-beast hunting, mud painting, building shelters with sticks and digging in the sand.

Lots of fun was had and Reception cannot wait to go back again soon as we didn't manage to find the bear from 'We're going on a bear hunt' but maybe next time...

Year 2 at the Alexander Stadium

Year 2 at a sunny Alexander Stadium.

4 May 2017

Year 2 visited Alexander Stadium, the home of the Birchfield Harriers.

They got to learn all about the present and past Olympians at the running club and learnt how their hard work and determination can lead to success.

Year 2 heard about the part played by the Birchfield Harriers in London 2012 and were very excited to stand on the track where many famous athletes have begun their careers.

Lots of fun was had by all and we would like to extend a thank you to the Birchfield Harriers for their informative and exciting tour.

Year 1 Visit the Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham.

3 May 2017

Year 1 visited the library of Birmingham.

They went to see the secret garden, Shakespeare room, children’s library and the gallery. From the secret garden they could see the view of the city of Birmingham, such as different types of buildings and the canal. They drew pictures of what they could see from this view.

The children were exceptionally behaved and the general public commented on how sensible they were.

Year 6 at Cadbury World

Year 6 at Cadbury World.

16 March 2017

Lots of fun was had by all when Year 6 went to Cadbury world.

First, the children went to a really useful and informative workshop about Fairtrade. Following this, the children got to enjoy the bit they’d all been waiting for – chocolate!

A really lovely trip and we’d like to thank Cadbury World for a great time.

Year 2 trip to Soho House

Year 2 children outside Soho House.

15 March 2017

Year 2 went on a special trip to Soho House today where they enjoyed learning all about Mary Seacole.

Our Education officer was really helpful and the children took part in a Mary Seacole Role Play complete with traditional costumes. Following this, the children had a chance to explore Matthew Boulton’s Georgian house and get a feel for the time that Mary was alive. Finally, the children loved exploring the Gardens and the weather was perfect for it.

Thank you Soho House!

Year 3 Meet Professor McGinty

Professor McGinty tells Year 3 about the Romans.

8 March 2017

Year 3 has a special visit from Professor McGinty. The session was centred around the current topic in Year 3 - The Romans.

The children got to dress like the Romans and explore the different roles in Roman Society. Professor McGinty made the session fun and engaging and we learnt so much as a class!

Thank you Professor McGinty.

Year 5 Visit the Botanical Gardens

Orienteering at the Botanical Gardens.

7 March 2017

Year 5 went on an exciting trip to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. They had to use their orienteering skills to navigate around the different areas.

As our current topic centres on the Rainforests, we really enjoyed exploring and investigating the plants in the Tropical Rainforest Area.

A really fun and interesting trip!

Year 4's Fire Safety Talk

The Fire Fighters speak to Year 4.

7 March 2017

Year 4 enjoyed an interesting visit from some Perry Barr Fire Fighters.

Josh and Lee visited to teach Year 4 all about fire safety. We now have a better understanding of the different causes of fire and how to prevent these. The most important thing we learnt was the ‘stop, drop and roll!’ technique and we had lots of fun practising this.

Thank you Perry Barr Fire Fighters.

Year 1 at the Black Country Museum

Year 1 go back to Victorian times.

1 March 2017

Year 1 went on a trip back in time at Black Country Museum.

We spent the day exploring transport through time and what modes of transport were used over 100 years ago compared to what modes of transport we use today.

The children got to ride on a traditional red double decker bus and really enjoyed their visit.

Key Stage 1 Road Safety Workshops

Learning about Road Safety Workshops outside.

28 February 2017

Key Stage 1 were visited by some very helpful PCSOs who taught the children all about Road Safety.

We took part in a road safety quiz which tested our knowledge of how to cross roads safely. We know how to stop, look and listen.

We also got to go outside to investigate the traffic outside our school. We used the special laser to check car speeds. It was very exciting!

Thank you to our PCSOs for fun and informative workshops.

Year 6 Vocations Talk

Year 6 listening to the vocations talk.

6 February 2017

On Monday 6th February the children in Year 6 received a visit from Christie. She came from Oscott College to talk to them about the importance of Vocations.

A focus in RE this year is on the importance of Vocations. Christie spoke about a ‘calling’ from God. We can have a religious calling, a calling to marriage or to be single.

Year 2 Assembly

Year 2's Assembly.

3 February 2017

On Friday 3rd February the children in Year 2 presented their class assembly to their grown-ups.

Year 2 told their loved ones all about the topics they have been studying, the songs they been singing and all the fun they have had in Year 2 so far.

Year 6 Confirmandi Mass

Our Year 6 Confirmandi.

3 February 2017

On Friday 3rd February the Confirmandi children in Year 6 visited Cardinal Wiseman Secondary School for a Confirmandi Mass.

This Mass marks the start of the preparations for Year 6 towards their Confirmation. They joined their friends from Christ the King and Maryvale for this special event.

Lottery Lunch

Lottery winners enjoying lunch with family members.

30 January 2017

On Monday 30th January the winners of this half term’s lottery lunch were invited to school.

The winners and their adults enjoyed a delicious, healthy lunch from our wonderful cooks.

House Assemblies

House groups listening to their House Captains.

23 January 2017

On Monday 23rd January all children in St. Margaret Mary's School listened to a presentation from their House Captains.

Children travelled around the school and gathered together in their House Groups. The House Captains then spoke about the next fundraising day that is coming up for St. David’s Day Celebrations.

On yellow day, there will be a ‘fun day’ to raise money for Father Hudson Care.

Australia Day

Making boomerangs.

20 January 2017

On Friday 20th January all children in St. Margaret Mary's School took part in activities to celebrate Australia Day.

Classes explored the landscape and history of Australia; they listened to samples of music from Australia and got creative through art sessions.

Maths Assembly

Working hard trying to solve the problems.

17 January 2017

On Tuesday 17th January Year 5 and 6 took part in our first Maths Assembly of 2017.

The children took part in a variety of maths activities, such as: money problem-solving, reasoning to explain their answers and geometry tasks.

Year 5 and 6 worked very hard to solve these problems!

Reception's Theatre Trip

Reception at the theatre.

13 January 2017

On Friday 13th January the children in Reception went to the theatre.

The children really enjoyed their theatre trip to see ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.

They said that they had "lots of fun!"