Our Church

St. Margaret Mary's Church.

St. Margaret Mary's Church and School continue to build a great relationship rooted in the rich history of the Catholic Church in this region and city but adapting to the changing needs of our community.

The parish began its existence in 1926, with the church we know today being consecrated in 1937.

There are about 250 regular worshippers at mass and you can see our mass times below. We have provision for young children and we serve refreshments in the school after mass.

Members of the church serve as Foundation Governors and in more informal ways. There is support too for the Friday mass in church for the school pupils and staff. We support - in prayer and practice - the learning and pastoral support necessary to build a thriving and happy school. We will continue to do this as the school expands over the forthcoming years.

Father Simon.

Father Simon Ellis is the parish priest, who originally was an Anglican (Church of England) priest. He moved with his family into the Catholic Church in 2011 after Pope Benedict’s invitation to Anglicans to build unity in the faith, creating an organisation - the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham - to facilitate unity.

Fr Simon was born near Cambridge and has a background in education, qualifying for teaching secondary science and maths in 1990. He taught in Stoke on Trent before training as a priest. He came to Birmingham from a Jesuit School in Sheffield where he was the Senior Chaplain. Fr Simon took over the reins from Fr Richard Sharples in Perry Common in 2016, being inducted into the parish on 25 September by Bishop Robert Byrne, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Fr Simon stated when he came to the parish that the priority "will be reaching out to everyone in the community, continuing to build the church and the school into a thriving centre for the good of our young people and their families". This is, therefore, an exciting time to be in Perry Common.

Find Us

St. Margaret Mary's Parish Church
59 Perry Common Road
Perry Common
B23 7AB

Email: margaretmaryperrycommon@gmail.com

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, Registered Charity No. 234216.
Archdocese website: www.birminghamdiocese.org.uk

Mass Times

  • Sunday Mass - 10.00am
  • Saturday Mass - 6.30pm
  • Weekday Masses - 9.15am

Father Simon's Induction Mass.
Inside St. Margaret Mary's Church

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The church before redecoration in 2018.
During redecoration in 2018.

After decoration in 2018.