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Nigel Quinn
14 Sep 2018

Hi I attended the school 1976-1982 and wondered do you have a year book for those years?

Rating: Excellent

23 May 2018

I love this school and your website is fantastic.

Rating: Excellent

K Winchurch
18 Apr 2018

A great website that makes it easy to stay updated with the events happening at St Margaret Mary's.

Rating: Excellent

Charlotte Finn
18 Apr 2018

The website is really informative and provides a great insight into the vibrant school life of St Margaret Mary's. I really like reading the snippets of news from all year groups.

Rating: Excellent

Laura Chandler
07 Mar 2018

A great website. There's lots of useful information and I really like how easy it is to access 'special events' that are happening at school.

Rating: Excellent

Ed Connaughton
03 Apr 2017

The new website is excellent and really helps us get the message of how good this school really is out there to the local community and the wider world. I look forward to using it on a regular basis.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Logue
28 Mar 2017

Our new website is amazing!

Rating: Excellent

Mr Aldred
28 Mar 2017

I wanted to write and thank Arrowscape for all their help and assistance in creating our new school website. We are all very proud of it. It is bright, colourful, easy to navigate and full of useful information for everyone. Thanks to all concerned.

Rating: Excellent