Extra-Curricular Opportunities

This year our after school clubs are being looked after by an external provider.

The lovely team at Fit 4 Schools will be joining us to lead a variety of energetic sessions.

Each half term a different year group will have the chance to attend these after school clubs – see timetable below.


Day Year Group
Monday Year 6
Tuesday Year 2
Thursday Year 4

Art Club

Art Club

Art Club is run on a Thursday afternoon by Mrs Crossen and Mrs Whitty.

During this club children are able to be expressive and creative. A wide range of materials and activities are used during Art Club.

Competitive Sports

Competitive Sports Club

Club Competitive Sports Club is run on Thursdays by Mr Barton.

The children play games in teams whilst practicing key skills such as communication, tactical awareness and co-ordination.

Computing Club

Computing Club

Computing Club is led by Miss Dunne on Mondays.

During these sessions pupils continue to practise their computer skills through coding. The children play existing games and start to create their own games using algorithms.

D&T Club

D&T Club

D&T Club is led by on Tuesdays by Mrs Attwood.

During these sessions pupils design and create various objects and models using a variety of materials and tools, often linked to the seasons and multi-cultural celebrations and festivals. Skills we practise include: cutting, designing, drawing, joining, decorating and finishing.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics Club on a Wednesday is led by our friends from Fit-4-Schools.

these sessions pupils practise and enhance their gymnastic abilities through a range of activities and use of the equipment.

Maths SATs Club

Maths Club

Maths SATs Club is led by Miss McCarron after school on a Monday.

During these sessions pupils continue to practise their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. They answer and undertake a range of activities in preparation for their SATs in May.

Science Club

Science Club

Science Club is run on a Thursday by Mrs Bryan.

During this club activities are linked to the seasons and the topics begin currently covered in class. Pupils take part in a range of scientific enquiry tasks that extend and build upon the child’s knowledge.