Pastoral Enquiries

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Baptisms are usually held on Sundays at either 11.30am, 12.00 noon or 12.30pm. You will need to be Catholic parents and you will need to attend Mass regularly. There is no fee for baptisms. You will also need to fill in a baptism form and return to Fr Simon Ellis. You will also need to attend baptism preparation meetings with Fr Simon Ellis or Fr Leonard Cox. We ask that any enquiries from those outside the parish will need a letter of approval from your parish priest.


Please contact Fr Simon Ellis regarding any marriage enquiries. Do not book any reception until you have had your paperwork processed and been given the green light! You have to book an initial meeting to fill in a form and make an enquiry. Fee for marriage is £200, plus a separate organist's fee of £80. For many couples who need paperwork processing at the Diocese, there is an additional fee of £30.

Last Rites, Funerals and Mass Intentions

We are there for you and your loved ones in their hour of need. Please contact either Fr Simon Ellis or Fr Leonard Cox at any time for last rites. Please make any applications for funeral rites through your funeral director. In November we also have a bereavement service for all who are bereaved, . In that service you have a chance to light a 7-day candle with your loved one's name inscribed. Please contact the clergy after mass if you require a mass intention for a loved one.

Hospital Ministry

If you have loved ones in hospital, please inform the Catholic Chaplains of that particular hospital and let them know that your loved one is on a particular ward: they will be visited and receive the sacraments. Please also inform Fr Simon Ellis or Fr Leonard Cox if your loved one is in hospital as we will endeavour also to be there with the sacraments, particularly for those patients who are in for a few days or weeks. Fr Simon is also a Good Hope Hospital Chaplain working there on Wednesdays only.

Prayer Ministry and Spiritual Direction

Please contact the clergy who will be happy to work with you.

Catechesis and Becoming Catholics

The process of becoming a Catholic involves a structured course over about 20 weeks, leading to Reception and Confirmation. For some it also includes Baptism.

We follow a courses called Sycamore

Sycamore is taught in house and online. There is a book available to accompany the course.