Extra-Curricular Opportunities

At St Margaret Mary’s School, the children get to enjoy a variety of Extra-Curricular clubs throughout the week. These clubs change termly in order to allow the children to experience as many opportunities as possible.

Autumn 2023

Day Year Group Club
Monday Year 2P Computing
Monday Year 2M Science
Monday Year 4P Homework club
Monday Year 4M D&T
Monday Year 5 Tutoring
Tuesday Year 6 Book Club
Tuesday Year 6 Football
Thursday Year 3K Games (PE)
Thursday Year 3T Book Club
Thursday Year 5B Computing
Thursday Year 5C MFL
Thursday Year 6 Tutoring

These are some of the clubs that we run for our children at various times of the year:

Artistic Study.
Computing Club.

Design Technology Club.
Humanities Club.

Science Club.
Sports Club.