Our Faith

We are all part of God's special family here at St. Margaret Mary's and our faith is central to everything that we do.

We have a close and special partnership with our Parish and our local community and support each other in many ways.

Examples of this are:

  • Our Family Masses at church are attend by many from school.
  • Holding special prayer services and assemblies for the whole school and in year groups.
  • Each Monday we have an assembly to discuss this week's gospel and how it can be lived in our lives.
  • In our class assemblies we share our faith journey with our families and loved ones.
  • We participate in weekly Parish masses.
  • We have held RE themed inspire workshops with parents.
  • Father Simon visits our classrooms and answers questions about our faith.

The photos below are examples of our prayer areas in different parts of our school:


Daily Prayers

The prayers used at our school can be read below:

Wednesday Word

We send a copy of the Wednesday Word home to our Sacramental families.

The Wednesday Word is a double sided A4 leaflet which explains the Sunday Gospel. The children receive the leaflet to take home to share with the rest of their family. This creates an opportunity for the Word to be present in the homes of each family connected to our school.


Throughout the year we support many different charities.

During different times of the year we increase our efforts into thinking about and helping others. The seasons of Advent and Lent lend themselves to charitable work but we at St Margaret Mary work hard throughout the year to support others, locally, nationally and internationally.

Staff, pupils and families are always extremely generous in their support of others. Money is raised through fundraising events, fairs and charitable donations from the whole school community.

We use our Saints (St Andrew, St David, St Patrick and St George) days to bring in different produce ranging from toiletries, food bank collections, money and clothes to support a number of different charities and organisations which help us to do God’s work. St Chad’s, Father Hudson’s Society, Alton Castle, BCSP Rwanda appeal and Macmillan Nurses are amongst the charities which we support.

Our School Council and Liturgy Leaders are proactive in deciding which charity to collect for and what we are to collect. Indeed, the School Council hold regular food bank collections which are donated to a local food bank to support families in our local community.