Event - Art Day

16 October 2018

This year the focus of art day was to celebrate the school community coming together through art. Everyone took part in two projects that run throughout the school.

The first project involved every child in school receiving a wooden plaque that they were to decorate in the theme of our school mission statement to live, love and learn. Children drew pictures of hearts, objects from our lessons and pictures of the ways we can live out our school mission statement.

The second project was to create kindness stones to be displayed around school and in our prayer garden. The children were able to choose how they decorated their stone and what message they wanted to leave in our prayer garden. The children have created some beautiful designs with positive messages and words for prayer time.

The day was a huge success and we cannot wait to bring everyone’s hard work together to create our school masterpiece.


Year 3.
Year 5.

Year 6.