Event - Art Day

28 September 2020

For this year’s Art Day, each year group got the chance to explore an artist they wouldn’t normally get the chance to learn about. The children explored the life of the artist and their work and imitated their work in various ways.

In EYFS, the children explored the beautiful flower artwork of Georgia O’Keeffee and got the chance to recreate this work using a variety of mediums.

Year 1 explored the repeating patterns and bright colour of Andy Warhol. The children enjoyed collaging and cutting and sticking to create their own artwork.

In Year 2, the children worked in watercolours to recreate famous works by Vincent Van Gogh. They sketched his painting ‘Sunflowers’ before turning it into a painted masterpiece!

Year 3 used pastels to create striking artwork in the style of Mondrian. They worked hard to create straight lines using rulers.

In Year 4, children created their own Picasso inspired faces. They go the chance to try out two different methods of creating cubist artwork and particularly enjoyed jumbling up faces.

Year 5 had the tricky challenge of recreating William Morris wallpaper. The children had to focus to collage the wallpaper using tissue paper.

Finally, Year 6 explored the political artwork of street artist Banksy. The children used stencils to recreate his iconic work.

Art Day was an excellent chance for the children to extend their learning and explore some new and exciting artists!

Year 1 Warhol Pop Art.
Year 3 Mondrian artwork.

Year 4 Picasso Fact Files.
Year 6 Banksy stencils.