Event - D&T Days

3 and 4 September 2020

To kick off the start of our year we chose to dedicate two days to D&T. This allowed the children to experience some hands creative learning. Many different projects took place throughout the school.

In Year 1, the children designed and made their own hand puppets, using techniques such as stapling, gluing and pinning.

Year 2 designed and made windmills. They looked at pictures of different types of windmills and watched a video about how windmills worked. Our teachers had made a windmill so they took it apart and learnt about the different parts. Then they designed their own windmill for a mouse to live in. The next day, they used the template to make their own windmills and tested them to check they worked. They all evaluated their work and made suggestions for how to improve it. It was a great two days!

For Year 3's D&T day, the children made their own paper plate diorama, which focused on our topic of Habitats. The children deconstructed and explored different types of habitat and designed their own based on the environment that they preferred. After discussing the stages and equipment needed, the children made then evaluated their product.

In Year 4, the children explored how bread is made and conducted a tasting test of different flavoured breads. We then thought about the flavour that we could use to adapt our basic bread recipe. The children then made their own flavoured loaves. Some of our exciting flavours included cheese, raisin and chocolate!

During D&T day, year 5 looked at the different cultures of Birmingham. They looked at the different food cultures and an Indian dip, Mint Rajita. The children then re-created this dip, using a basic recipe and then adding their own ingredients to suit their unique taste. They then tried and evaluated their own and others dip. It was a very fun day and the children really loved exploring different flavour combinations.

As part of D&T Day, Year 6 explored structures and sculptures found within the setting of Sutton Park. First, they researched and discussed the history of the park and the links that it had with King Henry VIII. They explored photos of the features found within the park to aid our next stage... the design stage. They created many designs – benches, picnic tables, archways - and discussed the features of these structures. Questions arose: How will my structure be secure and sturdy? Which materials will I need? Next, came the ‘fun’ part… the making stage. As their structures were created, they had to adapt and change some of their designs and products to meet the design criteria. Overall, they were pleased with their results; they worked collaboratively and made a miniature park model – which is on display in their classrooms.

What an exciting day!

Year 3's paper plate dioramas
Year 4 bread making.

Year 5 tasting rajita.
Year 6 creating Sutton Park structures.