Event - Inspire Workshops

22 January 2024

In the week beginning Monday 22nd January, we invited the parents into school to enjoy a lesson with their children in our inspire workshops. This term our inspire workshops were centred around each year groups topic. We wanted to celebrate the variety of learning that takes place across St. Margaret Mary School.

In all workshops, the children focused on cross-curricular links within their topics, how can we mix Geography and art? Or History and D&T? Well, all had lots of fun finding out! There was such a variety of activities taking place and it was wonderful to see the children teaching their parents a thing or two!

In Key Stage 1, there was a chance to explore Birmingham and the famous landmarks in our city as children collaborated on posters to show the key human features. Another workshop travelled back in time to the Tudors, exploring lives of the past and getting a chance to create a Tudor home using collage material.

In Key Stage 2, Children combined Geography and Art to create Volcano paintings inspired by Kandinsky. Rather than painting what the Volcano looks like, the children were encourage to paint the feelings and emotions associated with volcanoes. Another workshop explored the negatives of deforestation of the rainforest, with children creating artwork to illustrate the rainforest before and after deforestation.

What a wonderful opportunity for the children of our school to show their amazing learning to their parents and carers! We look forward to the next inspire workshops!

A chance for parents to work with their children.
Year 1 Birmingham posters.

Year 2 Tudor collages.
Year 4 Kadinsky artwork.