Event - PSHE Jigsaw Day

8 January 2020

The whole school took part in our Spring PSHE day. The theme of this half term’s day was ‘Dreams and Goals’.

First, Year 1 took part in circle time - sharing what we are good at and discussing what was in Jigsaw Jack’s success chest. Next the children decorated their own success coins and made and decorated our own success chests. In the afternoon, Year 1 talked about how they can stretch ourselves and aim high and made their own stretchy flowers.

Year 2 started the day with our calming techniques then discussed and shared ideas about times they had been successful. They created success ribbons to show their successes and things that make them proud. Secondly, they discussed their dreams and goals for the future. They made a dream ribbon to share their goals with each other. The children worked with a partner to talk about the steps that they need to take to be able to achieve their dream or goal. Then they made certificates to present to their friends to say thank you for helping them to achieve our goals.

Year 3 looked at the challenges that different people face. We learnt about a girl called Zoe from the TV show ‘born to be different’. We talked about how Zoe’s challenges are different to the challenges we face. We learnt that everybody faces different challenges at that nobodies challenges are ‘easy’. In the afternoon, we looked at Jane Goodall and how she worked from a child to achieve her dreams. We talked about our dreams and goals and how we might achieve them. We made a dream/goal garden with each of us contributing a flower.

Year 5 shared their dreams and goals for the future during circle time. We discussed different jobs and careers and qualities needed to fulfil those ambitions. Additionally we thought about our own gifts and talents and how we could possibly use those in our future. Year 5 also completed dream tree spirals for display in class.

Year 6 discussed our dreams for the future and why it is important to have goals to aim for. Next, we considered the qualities, skills and the steps needed to help us achieve our dreams. We incorporated all these ideas into a motivational poster and a totem pole. To complete our themed day, we spent time considering people around the world who are living in difficult conditions or who are suffering and what their dreams and goals might be. Finally, we considered some global issues and wrote a poem entitled 'My dream for the world'.

What a fulfilling day!

Year 1 Success Chests.
Year 2's Dream Ribbons.

Year 5's job ambitions.
Year 6 writing their Dreams for the World.