Event - PSHE Jigsaw Day

19 April 2021

To start our new half term, the whole school joined in with our PSHE Jigsaw Day. This half term’s theme was ‘Relationships’ and the children enjoyed discussing the relationships in their lives.

In EYFS, the children discussed the friendships they have and focused on how to be a good friend by writing a recipe for friendship.

In Year 1, we thought about all the different kinds of relationships we have. We discussed our families at home and our friendships in school. We also thought about all the people who help us and the special relationships we have.

In Year 2, we thought about our families and all the people who are special to us. We discussed that our families keep us safe, protect us and show us love. We know that families come in different shapes and sizes, but all are equally important. We then created a recipe for a happy home.

During the second part of our lesson, we looked at how touch can be used to communicate with family and friends. We discussed how some contact can make us feel happy, for example, hugging, creating handshakes and holding hands. We also discussed that it is ok if we don’t want to be touched.

Year 3 thought about different roles and responsibilities of family members. We also discussed ways for mending friendships, looking at different conflict scenarios and how these could be resolved. Keeping ourselves safe also featured in today's activities.

Year 4 discussed the special relationships we have in our lives and how we can remember those that we were close to but we no longer see. We wrote stories, poems and drew pictures of memories with those who are no longer with us.

In UKS2, the children explored their differences and how it is okay to be different from others. We looked at healthy and unhealthy relationships and discussed how it is ok to end relationships if they aren’t beneficial for us. We also explored relationships online and how to stay safe.

What a great way to settle back into our new term!

Year 1's wonderful work.
Year 2 focused on family relationships.

Year 3 children showing their work.
Year 4 creating relationship circles.