Event - PSHE Jigsaw Day

7 June 2021

This week the whole school took part in our last Jigsaw Day of the Year. This half term’s theme was ‘changing me’ and the children got to explore changes in their lives and how changes can make us feel.

In Year 1, we looked at animal and human life cycles. The children focused on themselves when they were a baby, a child and when they will be an adult. They thought about the different changes they go through and how these can make us feel.

In Year 2, we discussed how our bodies and minds are always changing which we can’t control or prevent. We explored different cycles and shared our feelings about growing up. We identified the life cycle from a baby to an elderly person and discussed the changes that occur. We then chose an elderly person from our family and explained why we respect and love them.

In Year 3, we discussed how we have changed since we were born. We thought about some of the changes that have happened to us in our lives so far and changes that might happen as we grow and develop. Some we can control, others which we cannot. Year 3 shared their feelings about changes they might have experienced, for example moving house or school and welcoming a new baby into the family. Finally, we shared what we are looking forward to in year 4 and any worries that we may have had.

In Year 4, we explored the characteristics we inherit from our parents and the things that make us unique too. We know that it is important to celebrate our uniqueness. We also looked at changes we can choose to make for ourselves and we decided upon a change we are going to make as we head into year 5. We used change wheels to discuss the stages we will go through during this change.

In UKS2, we focused on our own mental wellbeing and how we can control our feelings and emotions when change is happening to us. We focused on coping mechanisms and how we can use these to change our moods.

What an interesting and enjoyable day!

The children enjoy sharing their ideas.
Year 1 life changes.

Year 2's wonderful work.
Year 3 exploring changes.