Event - Whole School Liturgy

7 May 2024

Today’s Liturgy assembly had the theme ‘We are Disciples’.

Years 1 to 6 gathered together to hear God's word. We began our assembly by lighting the Paschal candle and discussing the special season of Easter.

We looked at the symbols of Easter on the candle and Mr Barton reminded us of the meanings and what each symbol represents.

At the end of our Gospel reading from Mark, Mr Barton blew out the Paschal candle and invited the children to think of why. We know that the candle represents that Christ has risen and in our Gospel today Jesus ascended to his father in heaven.

Going forth, the children were tasked with how they can be a disciple of Jesus and live out his message now he is in heaven with his father. How can the children 'make things better' for others in school and at home?

All gathered together.
The Paschal Candle.