Event - May Procession

9 May 2018

On Wednesday 9th May the whole school joined together to commemorate the month of Mary by holding our annual May procession.

All children from the youngest to the oldest gathered together in the hall to praise Our Lady. The Year 5 children along with Mr Barton led us in prayer and song, whilst Father Simon joined us to share the Gospel reading.

As their Holy Communion is fast approaching, two children from Year 3 were chosen to crown Mary in flowers whilst everyone joined together in the litany to Mary Our Mother.

Each class contributed a banner to show their love and praise for Mary and after the payer service in the hall the procession then took place with Key Stage 1 children taking their banners and flowers out to be laid in the prayer garden. Key stage 2 processed to the grotto at church where they laid their flowers and shared a decade of the rosary.

A reflective and spiritual day was had by all, a real highlight to our school calendar.

Banners to praise Our Lady.
Crowning Mary.

Laying flowers for Mary.
Father Simon leading us in prayer.