Event - Music Day

9 May 2024

On 9th May we celebrated 'Music Day' in school.

]his year the theme was 'Climate Change.' Each year group had a different activity based around the skill of 'composing' in music. This gave children the chance to explore and express their musical ability in different ways.

In EYFS children made their own instruments and sang along to different climate change songs. Year 1 and 2 children used body percussion to compose their own routine alongside a song. Year 3 children had the opportunity to explore different weather sounds and how this could be used within a piece of music. Year 4 children created a musical storyboard to tell the story of climate change, with the help of David Attenborough. Year 5 created their own jingle to broadcast the importance of climate change. Year 6 added a verse to a climate change song, expressing how it is affecting them.

Combining technology and music.
Composing a jingle.