Event - PSHE Jigsaw Day

2 September 2020

After a long time away from school, we decide to start off the year with a PSHE Day in order to give the children chance to settle into the new class. It was a great way to learn about the children and to start new routines.

Down in KS1, the children completed various activities about themselves.

In Year 1, the children created jigsaw pieces to show how they all fit together and used Jigsaw Jack during circle time to share one way they are special.

In Year 2, they met their Jigsaw piece ‘Jigsaw Jo’. We discussed our worries for the new school year and how we can resolve them. We talked about who are trusted adults in the school are and how they can help us if we talk to them.

In KS2, children particularly focused on their gifts and talents and how they can bring these to the new school year.

Year 3 created 'Gifts' that they wanted to share with each other in class. We discussed different feelings and thoughts about returning to the classroom and their hopes and aims for the year ahead. Opportunities for questions were explored and discussed and what it is like to 'Be Me in My World'.

In Year 4, the children thought about the different roles and responsibilities of everyone at St.Margaret Mary and how we all work to help each other learn. They also explored the UN and looked at rights and responsibilities for children.

In Upper KS2, the children discussed their needs and ordered which needs are the most important. The children were able to pinpoint their need for love and belonging. They looked at Maslow’s triangle of needs and thought about what they needed. The whole day was an excellent chance for children to discuss their feelings, emotions and worries after our time away.

Gifts to our classes.
Year 1 making jigsaw pieces.

Year 2 with Jigsaw Jo.
Year 3's self portraits.