Event - Spiritual Retreat Day

16 January 2018

Today the school took part in our annual spiritual retreat day. We invited Dan Callow to visit the school and lead us all in a day of collective worship and prayer. All children from Nursery all the way up to Year 6 took part and fun was had by all.

Dan Callow and Emily Clark lead our retreat under the title ‘We Will Go Out!’ Normal timetable was suspended and the whole school sang, talked, prayed, danced and reflected on how we can be good disciples.

The children also took part in various activities within their classes to further their understanding of this message. The children created their own footsteps and made promises of how they were going to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

The children also had the chance to decorate a cross with images of those in their lives whom they believe are good disciples. The children were able to discuss how these people are role models that they wish to follow.

What a fantastic day! We, as a school, would like to thank Dan and Emily for a truly reflective and fantastic day. It is always a highlight, thank you!

Whole school collective worship.
Learning new songs.

Making footsteps to follow Jesus.
The children presented their work.