Event - Safer Internet Day

5 February 2019

The whole school joined together to mark Safer Internet Day 2019. The theme of this year’s day was ‘Together for a better internet’ and the day focused around making positive choices to impact and change the internet.

Years 2 to 6 were led in a Safer Internet Assembly based around the concept of understanding consent online.

The children learnt that it is important to ask for permission if an action online effects somebody else. In the same way that apps and websites ask for our permission to access our personal information, we must also follow this with our friends. The children were given examples such as sharing a friend's photo online and began to understand that they should always ask their friend before doing this.

Following the assembly, children completed various activities linked to consent and permission in their classrooms.

EYFS focused on the smart rules and how they must always tell an adult when something pops up on an app or game as it may be asking for consent.

KS1 children focused on which information is safe to share online and made decisions on which personal information should be kept safe.

Finally, KS2 focused on making sure we ask permission from our friends with a particular focus on sharing friend’s information in a gaming environment.

What a fun and educational day!

Our assembly.
EYFS children woring together.

Pledges from LKS2.
UKS2 children working on their pledges.