Event - Safer Internet Day

11 February 2020

The whole school joined together today to celebrate Safer Internet Day. This year’s theme was ‘Together for a Better Internet’ and the children enjoyed a variety of activities to spread this message.

In EYFS, the children focused on celebrating themselves. They talked about the different activities they took part in online and discussed how our interests online form part of who we are.

In Year 1, the children read the story ‘Digiduck’s famous friend’ and created online profiles for the characters in the story. The children discussed which information was safe for the character’s to share online.

In Year 2, The children focused on which information was safe for them to share online. They discussed which parts of their personality they wanted to share.

In Year 3, The children explored the use of avatars to keep us safe online. We discussed how some of us may want to share our interests through the use of an avatar whereas others may wish to choose an avatar that is completely different from themselves. We designed our own avatars and discussed our choices.

In Year 4, The children discussed the presentation of their online identity and created online identity wheels to show the different parts of their identity they are happy to share online.

In Year 5, the children explored different online identity scenarios and made judgements on whether the person had kept themselves safe or not.

In Year 6, the children acted as ‘the boss’ for the day. They explored a variety of online profiles and made judgements on who they would hire based from the information shown.

All year groups joined in online by creating #freetobe posters. The children thought about what they want to be free to do online and created posters to show this. We shared these on our twitter page. Check them out!

Work from Year 1J.
Excellent posters from Year 3.

Year 2's exciting learning.
Year 5 are free to be...