Event - Wellbeing Day

7 February 2019

The whole school celebrated Wellbeing Day. All the children came dressed in the own clothes with a particular focus on wearing bright colours to celebrate their uniqueness.

The day centred around taking care of our minds, bodies and souls in order to look after our overall wellbeing. Across the school various activities took place that encouraged the children to celebrate themselves and be proud of who they are.

In Nursery and Reception, the children talked about their emotions and how they can cope when they are feeling sad or angry. They also listened to peaceful music and practised yoga and meditation.

In KS1, the children focused on what makes each of them happy and how they can be good friends by making others happy.

Finally, In KS2 the children focused on their own special qualities by painting self-portraits and practised the skill of mindfulness (being present in the moment) by colouring and listening to peaceful music.

A really relaxing and enjoyable day in which the children were given the opportunity to truly celebrate themselves!

Wearing bright colours to show our bright personalities.
Making self portraits from playdoh.

Enjoying yoga and meditation in EYFS.
KS1 on wellbeing day.