Event - Wellbeing Day

11 July 2019

This week the whole school joined in for Wellbeing Day. All children took part in a variety of activities based around the wellbeing of themselves and others.

In EYFS, the children focused on what makes them special and unique! They painted and drew self-portraits and took part in circle times where they shared what they liked and enjoyed.

In KS1, the children identified a range of things that can cause conflict between friends. They looked at different examples of conflicts that can arise, particularly on the playground and in the classroom. Children discussed solutions and also thought about how others may feel when a problem occurs.

In LKS2, the children focused on the wellbeing of other people and animals. In Year 3 the children learnt about fair trade and how the things we buy and use can affect the livelihood of others. The children learnt that we all have the choice and responsibility to make a better decision for others. In Year 4 the children explored the wellbeing of animals and debated the positives and negatives of the circus.

In UKS2, the children focused on healthy relationships. Year 5 focused on forming healthy online relationships and sorted statements into agree, disagree and unsure. They discussed and shared their opinions on different scenarios and worked out sensible resolutions.

It was really enjoyable to take a day away from timetable to think about our own wellbeing and that of other people. We all know that we can make sensible choices to improve our mental and physical wellbeing!

KS1 role playing.
Year 2 resolving conflicts.

Year 3 posters to promote fair trade.
Year 5 focussed on healthy online relationships.